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School Policies


It is necessary that children develop self-discipline in order to further their learning.  We ask that you discuss with your children the importance of and the need for good behavior and a good attitude while at school.  We will not tolerate fighting, disrespect toward others, obscene language, or destruction of school property.  Students who break the school rules will be dealt with according to the school and district policies.  Please refer to the Clark County School District publication, Behaving at School, and the school discipline plan.

The staff at Will Beckley Elementary School strives to create an environment throughout the school in which students feel secure, happy, and have maximum opportunities to learn.  To create this positive environment for our students, we use a school-wide positive management system based on courtesy, pride, respect, and responsibility.  We strive to MOTIVATE students to display these expected behaviors through positive reinforcement practices.



Harassment is any verbal, visual, or physical conduct which is sufficiently severe, persistent or pervasive that it adversely affects, or has the purpose or logical consequence of interfering with the student's educational program or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive school atmosphere.  Harassment, whether it is by students, staff, or third parties in the school community, is strictly prohibited, and will subject the perpetrator to disciplinary action.  Harassment, regardless of its basis, is prohibited.  Prohibited sexual harassment may include, but is not limited to, unwelcome sexual advances, request for sexual favors and other verbal, visual, or physical conduct of a sexual nature from students, peers, or any other person on school property or at a school sponsored event.  Harassment in any form against students by either a student or a district employee is grounds for severe disciplinary action.  For students, it may be the basis for suspension/expulsion in accordance with the existing disciplinary procedures.



The school and its grounds are a closed campus while classes are in session. Students are not to leave campus during the entire school day UNLESS arrangements have been made with the school office. Students on track break are not allowed on campus during the school day.




 ALL VISITORS (INCLUDING PARENTS, FRIENDS, RELATIVES) MUST REPORT TO THE OFFICE BEFORE GOING TO A CLASSROOM. The visitors will be asked to sign in and out in the visitor’s log book and wear a visitor's badge while on campus.



Students may ride bicycles to school, however, the school will not accept responsibility for the safety of the bicycles. There is a bike parking area on the north side of the school. This area will be locked during the school day. You are encouraged to purchase bike locks, since bikes have been stolen. If bikes are ridden to school, they are restricted to the street and the bike parking area. The school sidewalks, playground, and car parking lots are off limits. For safety purposes, students are required to WALK their bicycles while on campus. Failure to do so will result in a citation. ROLLER BLADES, SKATEBOARDS, & SHOE SKATES ARE NOT PERMITTED ON CAMPUS DURING SCHOOL HOURS.



Riding the school bus is a privilege, not a right. Students riding the bus to school are under the immediate supervision of the bus driver and are subject to the rules set by the School Board and the State. Any infraction of these rules will be reported by the bus driver on an Incident Report. Copies will be sent to the principal, the parents, and the Clark County School District Transportation Office. The following consequences will result from inappropriate behavior on the school bus:
First infraction: Verbal warning
Second Infraction: Student conference with an administrator, parents contacted. 
Third Infraction: Required Parent Conference (RPC)
Fourth Infraction: Loss of bus riding privileges
Students who are eligible for bus transportation must register with the Clark County School District Transportation Department yearly.The CCSD Transportation Dept can be reached at 799-8100. Transportation eligibility may be checked on the CCSD web stie www.ccsd.net Parents will receive detailed rules for bus conduct from the CCSD Transportation Department. Please discuss these rules with your children. CHILDREN WHO NORMALLY RIDE THE BUS ARE EXPECTED TO DO SO UNLESS A NOTE IS RECEIVED FROM THE PARENT.




Student dress and personal appearance are required to be of such character as not to disrupt or distract from the education environment of the school.  Skirts, dresses and shorts are to be hemmed and be fingertip length.  Shirts or blouses must be appropriately buttoned in accordance with the design of that shirt or blouse.  The length must extend beyond the belt level.  No spaghetti-straps are permitted.  All sleeveless shirts must have straps at least three inches wide and cover the shoulder.  Transparent, see-through tops, bare midriff, strapless, low-cut clothing or tops and outfits that provide minimum coverage are prohibited.  Clothing with slogans or advertising, which may disrupt the educational setting, is also prohibited.  Extremely baggy or sagging pants are not allowed.  Shoes must have soles.  Footwear which offers sanitary and safety protection is recommended as is the wearing of tennis shoes on PE days.



All medications MUST be kept and DISPENSED through the nurse's office.  A medication release form must be signed by the parent before any medication (non-prescription or prescription) can be administered to a child.  The form is available in the office.




At all grade levels, school parties are planned for three occasions a year: Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine's Day.  Special educational activities are also appropriate for Thanksgiving.  Additional activities are appropriate in the primary grades (K-2) at Easter and May Day.  There will be NO end-of-the-year parties.  School parties will be held the last 20 minutes of the school day.  Birthday parties may NOT be held during the instructional day.  It a parent wishes to bring cupcakes to be given to students as they leave for the day, he/she may do so.  Students are not allowed to pass out party invitations at school.



Students (Grades 1-5) go to the library for a regularly scheduled class once a week.  During this time, they may check out books.  Only one book may be checked out at a time.  Books that are lost need to be paid for, by cash or check, to the library.  Library privileges may be withheld if books are not returned, are lost or damaged.  Damage includes a missing barcode, spine label, or damaged pages.