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Parent Resources

The parent portal of Discovery Education has many similar resources to the teacher portal.  It has Homework Help, the Motivation Station, and Step-by-Step WebMATH.


The National Education Association provides more than materials.  It also has articles on issues going on within the educational community and a list of grants and events.  



It is very important that parents stay up-to-date with events at our school.  The Will Beckley website provides information about the schoolwide book club, clubs, grade levels, field trips, and more. 


Standardized testing can be scary for our students.  The more familiar they are with the testing tools and types of questions, the better.  The SBAC is the new required test in the state of Nevada.  This training test can help prepare our students for the test.


Many of our students are eligible for free/reduced meals.  It is very important to fuel their minds so that they can do their best at school each day!  The free/reduced meal application should be submitted to the district as soon as possible. 


The U.S. Department of Education provides many resources for parents.  There are tips for all levels of students, as well as checklists to prepare students for their future, and ways to help your child learn!


Parent involvement within a student's education is very important.  Edutopia provides research to support this statement, articles for parents to read, and resources to help parents get involved.  


The Parent Tool Kit provides growth charts, tips and guides, resources, news events, and information about experts in order to keep parents updated and supported as they raise children in today's educational system.


Jump Start is a compilation of resources for every level and every subject.  It also lists resources for students and parents.